Job hunting support

About 50% of foreign students studying in Japan are said to want to work for Japanese companies after graduation.

However, Japan has a unique recruitment / employment practice that most foreign students are unfamiliar with.

Moreover, due to issues such as language barrier and lack of support / information, students get into jobs without fully understanding the company. This has resulted in the increase in early turnover rate.

Waltz Ltd. is particularly focused on helping foreign students find job in Japanese companies by providing one-on-one job-hunting support that cater to the needs of the students. By doing so, foreign students are able to be on the same starting line as Japanese job hunters.

In addition to this, we provide support for smooth and continuous employment and career development in all stages of employment.


Pre employment support


1 Lectures on job hunting in Japan

 ・Japanese job hunting schedule

 ・Recruitment activities and employment characteristics of Japanese companies

 ・Major industries, employers and job types for foreign students

 ・Visa requirement procedures for working in Japan


2 Career counseling

 ・Self-analysis “Why do you want to work in Japan, What kind of work do you want to do?”

 ・Self-analysis “My strengths (qualifications, abilities, attributes, etc.), weaknesses”

 ・Lifestyle design and goals in Japan


3 Industry and company research

 ・How to collect industry and company information

 (Investigate the type of industry and occupation related to your specialty, major, country of origin, etc.)


 ・Providing information on job fairs, etc.

 ・Introduction to an older graduate visits


4 Resume, Entry sheet, etc.

 ・Points to consider while writing these

 ・Instructions to correct the writing process


5 Test preparation

 ・SPI and written test



6 Interview

 ・Basic flow of the interview, important points

 ・Mock interview

 ・Business manners in Japanese companies



Support for employment contracts


1 Confirmation of employment conditions, employment contracts, etc.

 ・Basic salary, allowance, benefits, etc.


2 Visa (Resident Status) Changing Procedures

 ・Whether the employer, job type, etc. meet the requirements for status of residence

 ・Application procedures to the Immigration Bureau


3 Other life support



Follow up support


1 Counseling after joining the company

 ・Relationship with the company and colleagues

 ・Duties, employment conditions, etc.


2 Career development support

 ・Future career development plan

 ・Support for career change


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