1 Project type internship

This is an internship that tackles challenges presented by companies such as product development, sales, advertising planning and new business proposals.
Intern students and employees form a small group, and try to solve problems by repeating discussions, interviews, and demonstration experiments.

The contents are customized according to the actual situation of each company; however, the standard flow is as follows.

  • ①Hearing the needs of each company
  • ②Make an internship plan
  • ③Recruitment of interns such as foreign students
  • ④Coordination of discussions during the internship period, overall progress management
  • ⑤Report creation and submission
  • ⑥Feedback to interns

*Please feel free to contact us for details.

2 Practical work experience type internship

This is an internship that intern students has a job experience by engaging in actual work.
Opportunities for intern students to think about how to apply the knowledge and techniques they have learned at school in business practices, and to feel the atmosphere of the industry, and individual companies, and use them for future job hunting.


*Please feel free to contact us for details.


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