Foreign human resources consulting

Since Foreign human resources are expected to play an active role in global business development, there is a need for Japanese companies to consider the factors such as process of Employment, treatment, training, and promotion of foreign personnel. These factors may be an issue for companies that have no experience in hiring foreign employees. Thus, we provide total support to such companies by helping with the process of consultation, hiring and also follow-up after hiring.



Pre-employment support

1 Basic lecture on recruiting foreign personnel
 ・Characteristics of foreign human resources
 ・Legal system related to recruitment of foreign personnel
 ・Visa requirements for working in Japan
 ・Examples of the use of foreign human resources by major employers and companies

2 Support companies in creating an acceptance system and environment for foreigners.
 ・Matters necessary for accepting a foreign personnel in the company

3 Exchange meetings with foreign students
 ・Planning of opportunities to meet foreigners and exchange opinions directly

4 Introduction of job seekers
 ・Foreign personnel who wants to work for Japanese companies


Support for employment contracts

1 Confirmation of employment conditions, employment contract, etc.
 ・Basic salary, allowance, benefits, etc.

2 Visa (Status of residence) change procedure support

3 Other life support


Follow up support

1 New employee training
 ・Japanese-style business manners, service training

2 Human resource development plans
 ・Development of foreign human resources and promotion plans


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